College of Respiratory
Therapists of Ontario



Clinical Best Practice Guideline



April 2022


This College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario (CRTO or “the College”) Clinical Best Practice Guideline (CBPG) was developed by the Professional Practice Committee (PPC) of the CRTO in consultation with Council and other committees of the College, Members at large and staff.

The PPC is a non-statutory committee comprised of Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT) and public members with a wide range of knowledge and experience from various practice areas across Ontario. This committee was formed by the CRTO in 2010 to focus specifically on the review and development of standards of practice directly related to the practice of Respiratory Therapy in Ontario. By having a standing committee of Respiratory Therapy leaders and experts from core areas of practice, and the ability to draw on additional expertise where necessary, the CRTO aims to ensure consistency in the review and development of publications in a timely fashion. The CRTO would like to acknowledge the work of the PPC, Members at large, and staff in the development of this new CBPG.


2022 Revision: Completed by CRTO staff.


Paul Williams RRT – Chair (CRTO Council Academic Member)
Renee Pageau RRT – Vice Chair (CRTO Non-Council Member)
Carol-Ann Whalen RRT (CRTO Non-Council Member)
Allan Cobb (CRTO Public Council Member)
Rhonda Contant RRT (CRTO Council Member)
Daniel Fryer RRT (CRTO Non-Council Member)
Alean Jackman RRT (CRTO Non-Council Member)
Lori Peppler-Beechey RRT (CRTO Non-Council Member)
Bruno Tassonse RRT (CRTO Non-Council Member)


Raymond Janisse RRT Certified Hyperbaric Technologist (CHT)
Bill Boyle, RRT Certified Hyperbaric Technologist (CHT), MPA, CHE


Marisa Ammerata RRT – Vice Chair (CRTO Council member)
Jim Ferrie (CRTO Public Council Member)
Ally Ruzycki-Chadwick RRT (CRTO Non-Council Member)
Sherri Horner RRT (CRTO Member at large)
Kevin Middleton RRT (CRTO Member at large)
Carole LeBlanc RRT – Vice Chair (CRTO Non-Council Member)
Dave Jones RRT (CRTO Council Member)
Tracy Bradley RRT (CRTO Council Member)
Mark Pioro (CRTO Public Council Member)

Resources and references are hyperlinked to the Internet for convenience and referenced to encourage exploration of information related to individual areas of practice and/or interests. Bolded terms are defined in the Glossary.


    This Clinical Best Practice Guideline will be updated as new evidence emerges or as practice evolves. Comments on this guideline are welcome and should be addressed to:
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